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Cash for Clunkers Running Out Of Funds
Posted by Administrator   •   Friday, 2009-July-31
The White House and Congress are looking for ways to keep funding this very popular program. It appears that without additional funding the program will run out of money very soon. But as of today the government has not suspended the program and all deals made and being made will be honored.
Clunker program is garbage
Posted by robert_i5   •   Sunday, 2009-July-12
I have the poop in this program. As of right know your vehicle must have been made on 7/1984 or later. Mine was 1/1984 so does not qualify. I also have a 1980 major poluter still on the road. Seems to me these ore the ones to get rid of.
Cash for Clunkers Effective Today - July 1, 2009
Posted by Administrator   •   Wednesday, 2009-July-01
The Car Allowance Rebate System is effective today, July 1, 2009 even though the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration has until July 24 to issue the details on how dealers can signup to be reimbursed for clunkers they accept. If a dealer provides a customer with a credit before the NHTSA completes the rollout of the program all the risk falls on the dealer to get reimbursed. The dealer can not go back to the customer to get the rebate back if it fails to ultimately be reimbursed by the NHTSA.
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