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Cash for Clunkers Program to end Monday, August 24, 2009 at 8PM EDT
Posted by Administrator   •   Friday, 2009-August-21
The NHTSA has announced that the Cash for Clunkers Program will end on Monday, August 24, 2009 at 8PM EDT.
Government likely to end Cash for Clunkers Program in early September when money runs out
Posted by Administrator   •   Thursday, 2009-August-20
The government has indicated that it expects the $3 billion allotted to the Cash for Clunkers Program to be exhausted in early September. At that time the program will end with no additional funding proposed at this time.
New Cars Don't have to be on dealers lot to purchase
Posted by Administrator   •   Monday, 2009-August-17
Last week the NHTSA announced that consumers can purchase a new vehicle under the Cash for Clunkers Program as long as the vehicle is in the pipeline and been assigned a Vehicle Identification Number(VIN). This will increase the number of vehicles available for purchase significantly.
Dealers running out of some models of of new cars
Posted by Administrator   •   Monday, 2009-August-10
With the success of the Cash for Clunkers Program along with the fact that manufacturers cut production earlier this year and it's the end of the model year selling season dealers have found themselves short of vehicles which qualify for the Cash for Clunkers Program. If you have a clunker and want to trade it in for a new car do not wait.
Congress adds $2 billion in funding to Cash for Clunkers
Posted by Administrator   •   Friday, 2009-August-07
On August 6th Congress added an additional $2 billion in funding to the Cash for Clunkers Program bringing the total funding to $3 billion. This should keep the program going into at least early September.
Senate Poised to add $2 billion in funding to the Cash for Clunkers Program
Posted by Administrator   •   Tuesday, 2009-August-04
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says the Senate will vote to replenish the popular "cash-for-clunkers program" before leaving on a monthlong vacation later this week. Reid made his prediction after a meeting at the White House with President Barack Obama.
Cash for Clunkers Running Out Of Funds
Posted by Administrator   •   Friday, 2009-July-31
The White House and Congress are looking for ways to keep funding this very popular program. It appears that without additional funding the program will run out of money very soon. But as of today the government has not suspended the program and all deals made and being made will be honored.
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