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ALERT!!! The Cash for Clunkers Program administered by the US Government ended in 2009 and it is unlikely it will be restarted anytime in the near future. You can receive a great price on your used car by completing the Request a Free Quote on the right side of the screen. Or alternatively if you have a clunker you can donate it to charity.

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Sources of Financing

1. Online financial institutions - Online financing is usually the most competitive, quickest and easiest method to obtain a car loan. On the downside its not a face to face personal service. If you would like to apply for a FREE , no obligation loan through CarsDirect's National Network of dealers click here. CarsDirect's Network specializes in auto loans for bad credit, good credit and even past bankruptcies.

2. Dealership - This can be convenient and fast. But is is usually not competitive and is high pressure. Be prepared for a big sales pitch and an attempt to sell add ons to the deal you made with the salesman. Be careful of front loaded payments where your paying more interest in the beginning of the loan versus the end. You could end up owing money on the car when you go to sell it or trade it in down the road.

3. Bank or Credit Union - Rates are usually competitive and you'll receive personal service, plus no add-on push. On the downside its not nearly as convenient as obtaining a loan on-line or through the dealership. Most banks are closed on the weekend and at night.

4. Home Equity Line - On a home equity loan you can deduct some of the interest on your taxes. Also the rates are competitive. But remember tying your car to your home can be risky. If you have trouble making the car payments, you could lose both your car and your home.


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